February 14, 2020     Last Day to Register as a Democrat for Caucus

March 3, 2020            Presidential Primary - Ballots  must be turned

                                      in by 7:00 pm

                                      Ballots have been mailed.  If you have not

                                      received yours go to a Vote Center to get

                                      a ballot or vote.

March 7, 2020           Democratic Caucus - See Caucus Tab to find

                                     your Caucus

March 23, 2020        Last Day to turn in your Application for the 

                                    Democratic National Convention  Must be

                                    Submitted to Col.Dems. by 5:00pm

March 29, 2020        Larimer County Assembly and Convention 

                                    ***Moved to Mail in Ballot due to COVID-19.***

June 8, 2020             Ballots Mailed for Primary (Election will be  

                                     Federal (except President), State and Local

June 27, 2020          Larimer County Democrats Annual Dinner

June 30, 2020           Primary (Election will be Federal

                                    (except President), State and Local - Ballots

                                     must be turned in by 7:00pm

October 12, 2020      Ballots Mailed for General Election

November 3, 2020    General Election - Ballots must be turned in

                                     by 7:00 pm