OFFICE LOCATION:  606 South Mason, Fort Collins

OFFICE HOURS:  11:00 AM TO 1:00 PM  -  Tuesday thru Friday


4/25/21 3:00 PM 
Today our Credentials Committee counted the ballots of the Colorado State House District 53 Vacancy Committee and I’m proud to announce that Andrew Boesenecker is the representative elect with 78 percent of the vote. We are happy that 82 percent of our credentialed vacancy committee showed up and cast a ballot in this important selection process.

Our congratulations to Representative Elect Boesenecker, the new Democratic legislator from Colorado State House District 53.

Thanks to you all.  We had three excellent candidates and the district will maintain the best representation in the state. Now get ready. The 2022 elections are coming soon. Let's elect Democrats!

Randy Ross, Democratic Chair of Colorado State House District 53