CAMPAIGN EVENT - Meet Four Candidates for Local Office

Local elected representatives impact your family’s daily life more than anyone we send to Washington, D.C. It’s imperative we elect the right people -- representatives who will work for our benefit. Come meet FOUR CANDIDATES for local office: 

  • Yara Zokaie - State House District HD49
  • Gordon McLaughlin - District Attorney for Judicial District 8
  • Jody Shadduck-McNally - Board of Larimer County Commissioners (District 3)
  • Kristin Stephens - Board of Larimer County Commissioners (District 2)

In the backyard.  Parallel parking on edge of the front yard.  Bike or walk if you can. 

NOTE: Larimer County Health Department Guidelines will be enforced.

Wear a mask, bring your own chair, sit 6ft.away from anyone not in your household, dress for the weather (bring an umbrella for shade if needed).

Saturday, September 26, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
In the Back Yard
7780 Whitetail Circle
Wellington , CO
United States
Colorado US