County Assembly & Convention

UPDATE: March 30th, 2020

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Thank you for standing together as we work to physically distance! 

I'm happy to report the results of the Larimer County Democrats Assembly and Convention Emergency Ballot Below.  

County Commissioner District 2: 
Total Votes cast: 496
Deborah Shulman - 20.76% of votes received
Kristin Stephens - 74.79% of votes received
William (Bill) Wright - 4.43% of votes received

County Commissioner District 3: 
Total Votes Cast: 511
Kimberly Akeley-Charron - 21.52% of votes received
Myles Baker - 5.08% of votes received (please note that Myles Baker decided to withdraw from the County Assembly and Convention and instead petition onto the ballot). 
Jody Shadduck- McNally - 62.03% of votes received
Karen Stockley - 11.35% of votes received

Please note there were a few seats in Larimer County with no primary challenge in the County Assembly and Convention. 

House District 52: 
Cathy Kipp

House District 53: 
Jeni Arndt

House District 49: 
Yara Zokaie

Senate District 14: 
Joann Ginal

District Attorney, Judicial District 8: 
Gordon McLaughlin

Please note that there were additional races on your ballot, including Senate District 23, Congressional District 2, CU Regent, and US Senate.  We are submitting these results up to the multi-county assemblies and conventions and the CD2 Convention and Assembly.  Those results will be posted later. 

We are also pleased to say that the motions to certify PCPs and the motion to stipulate the Central Committees and Vacancy Committees passed by majority. If you have questions about these two motions or any of the other results, please contact me at

Please note that the County Assembly and Convention process is one of two ways candidates can get on the Primary Ballot you will receive in June. Some candidates may choose to petition on to the ballot as well. 

Please join me in saying thank you to the volunteers who helped us count all the ballots and results!  We appreciate your time and dedication!  Thank you for participation, especially in these trying times!  I'm pleased to say we had a 93% return rate! Despite the threat of COVID-19, thanks to our dedicated volunteers and delegates, we will nominate our Democratic candidates and win in November!

In Unity,

Gil Barela